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This Dad and Son’s story will change the way you perceive | Part 1 | Stories | Vreads

It was a pleasant weekend early evening and he was struggling to open his squint shut eyes to a sudden exposure of a dimly lit room as his child playfully pulled his hand with his tiny little fingers with all the more strength he could gather and use.
“Pappa you promised to take me to the Circus!” – the 3 year old half cried.
As universal as his biological drive for the dear to heart afternoon nap was, equally important for him was the smile of his lovely little boy. One deep breathe in and Daddy cool was up.
He pulled his son up on lap, one warm peck exchanged and father son duo playfully began to get dressed up.
The view of  the cute little innocent kid trying to knot up the tie like his daddy brought a wide smile on daddy’s face.
What a proud moment for a father when a son admires him so much so to mimic his every aspect. Daddy tied the knot for him and both together left for a quality evening to be spend after clicking a ready to go candid shot 🙂
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The circus was in town once a year and weekend being a peak day, they parked their car a little away from the location.
Daddy held his little fingers as they began their way through the gushing crowd towards the show. As they started walking, the little one’s smile went low and he started cribbing.
“Don’t worry son, we will reach before the show starts, cheer up!”, said Dad wondering what made his son switch mood like 2 min noodles.
Not getting any better, the young one transitioned from cribbing to crying leaving Daddy in a puzzle in his mind spinning into numerous how? whats? and whys?. Struggling with every possible way to restore the smile or at least help dear son hold back tears daddy too started loosing his cool.
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