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This Dad and Son’s story will change the way you perceive | Part 2 | Stories | Vreads

He bought the kid an ice-cream, loaded him with toffees, bought him his favourite bayblade and the the new assembly set from toy skool, but all in vain. He was astonished with how the child would cry on and off with irregularity like Pune rains.
He so missed his wife who was out on a business trip. Unable to reach her cell and frustrated himself he yelled at his son.
Though quite due to daddy’s anger, the tears still would not stop.
Feeling sorry for yelling at the innocent baby daddy bent down to wipe his tears. He suddenly felt suffocated in the crowd and he got up picking the boy in his hands. To his surprise, the little one took a breathe and  smiled a little again.
The puzzle was solved for Daddy the cool and they went ahead happily as the show began.
It was not the materialistic things that the boy wanted. When daddy went down to his level to wipe his eyes, he realised that the kid being a short little cute soul could only see the huge elephant like legs of the crowd which was rolling in, not the lighted up circus tent, not the spectacular fire-flies and neither the pretty gas balloons in air that daddy was trying to show to calm him down.. That made it dark for the baby boy further adding suffocation due to the amount of people who had gathered. For the millisecond that daddy had bend, he felt people pushing him, he felt the suffocation and the fear of darkness that the poor kid must have felt for so long. Unable to express what he felt and what was wrong all that the baby could do was cry. Maybe he could have felt more that what dad did for his age, but he failed to put it in words – ah he was just 3 yr old!
“Oh she is too stubborn!”, “He is a playboy!”, “We will always have that fatso to laugh on!”, “Why does she keep crying on every little thing?”, “Why does he flare up like a bomb?” and on and on
Like take a break! Inhale deep! Exhale slow!
Life is more than the invisible wall of all the rights and wrongs you have built around yourself. We see things from the same walls. What we do, what we learn, the way we are brought up defines a set of behaviour, values, morals and ethics for us.
The same habit of  pubbing which is big no no at your place, is a lifestyle and mode of relaxing for another.
The word “SEX” which is a taboo for you maybe a casual thing for somebody else or one of the basic need for another.
This does not make anything in the world right or wrong. Everything is okay as far as what you do does not harm, hurt, threaten, destroy, spoil or hamper anybody else’s peace of  mind ethically, morally,ecologically, biologically or in any other manner.
Not everybody has the same thought process, the same calibre in all things, the same mindset, the same strength or the same way of dealing with things. When we judge somebody, thus it gets important to put yourself in their shoes. You may notice that a person did what he did because maybe the shoe was too tight and unlike you he/she has less tolerance 🙂
Perspective is the way we see things when we look at it from a certain distance and it allows us to appreciate their value.
Respect everything and everybody.
What looks a 6 to you seems a 9 to the other from another point of view 🙂
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