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#IncredibleMother: For the Undying Love and Support – Anupama


A mother is not to lean, but to make leaning unnecessary!

All the Love begins and ends at you. You teach me the strength’s you didn’t know and the fears I never faced. You make me strong, you make me lovable, you make me the dew drop which shines in the first ray of the sun. You complete me AAI 🙂

This goes for you

“Aai and Mummy no words will express you love for me and Thakur Words cant describe how much we love u!! Life without is unimaginable!!         When I wakeup I want to see U- When I come home or go out I want to say hi/bye!! Her smile is the reason for my happiness!! No love is as pure as her!! She is fearless !! She is selfless!! I wish to have the quality of loving and giving happiness without any expectations!! आई and ममी – I love u both!! We love both a lot!! I would not Thank you its a small word for all the great things which you have done but a promise to protect you always and keep you happy!!”

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