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#IncredibleMother : Here is to you MAA from Aditi


Mothers are not rare to find. Good Mothers are!

Have you ever wondered what goes on to make a good mother?

Dear Mom, you have lived and portrayed every aspect of it. I have learned what a strong woman is, I have learnt what bonding is, I have seen what love is, I know your dark circles are the sleepless nights worrying about me, I know your worry reflects in my upbringing.

Mother’s Day is just a day for me to express what I mean and feel every day, every hour and every moment. I cannot Thank you enough!

Here’s to you MOM:

“Tune Khana khaya ki nahi?

Jada khaya kar.

Fruits khaya kar

Dry fruits khaya kar

You always say all of this. I wonder how seating on the other side of the city, all she cares about is me. Me and my heath and my well-being. Nobody else can give me the warmth you give by your eel of care. You only give and all you expect in return is our success and happiness. How can you be so selfless? Thank you for all that I cannot describe and thank you for all that I could. I may be a pain for you sometimes, but please understand I never mean any of it. But this is what I really mean. I cannot thank you enough for being there with me in all my bitter sweets. Love you infinity and back. Happy Mother’s Day MAA!”

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