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A Late Night Tale

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That night the air was humid and warm. Felt unwelcome. It was almost 10:20 p.m. late night. I ran down to the parking as I already had 7 missed calls from home. With new projects in my kitty, the workload had taken a steep up. Another call and I informed I was leaving from office. A few yells with buck load of worry on the phone and I promised to drive slow and reach ASAP. I started my bike and left. As I drove for approx. 2.5 km. My bike kind of started giving hiccups. I pleaded,”yaar petrol pump tak chal jae!”

3 more hiccups and I knew I had to drag this through till the pump. The road was quite and empty. It was almost 10:30 pm. I started dragging my scooty. A stranger was approaching in my direction from the other side. He came, circled around and asked “Madam, petrol khatam ho gaya hai kya?!”

I ignored. Looked around, there was nobody else on the road. With the tank empty, I could not even race and run away. In a fraction of sec, a plethora of thoughts crossed my mind : What sharp stuff do I have for self defense? I could throw my heel at him and run! Is he the rescued juvenile from Nirbhaya case!!! He stopped. Again followed me and asked, “Madam do you need petrol?” I was a bit relaxed after that statement. Was he really trying to help? I continued dragging my scooty and replied, “No thank you, I can manage.” Smiling I went ahead. He crossed by me, halted ahead and started looking around for something. I was wondering what he was up to. He found a plastic bottle, took out some petrol from his M80. He walked towards me,” Madam I don’t like to see people in trouble. Don’t take me wrong, I generally help people as I see and as possible.” He asked me to open the lid and poured in the petrol in my scooty. I was smiling to see such a gesture.

I offered him the price of the petrol. “Madam paise mat dena. Itnese aap pump tak pohaunch jaoge.” “Par bhaiyya atleast petrol ka toh lelo.Thank you so much. Mujhe acha nahi lagega aap atleast ye petrol ke paise rakh lo.” “Nahi nahi madam, maine bola na aapko, mujhe achha lagta hai help karna.”

“Aap kya karte ho?”, ” Mai yaha Vimanagar me Kachhi Dabeli bechta hu.” ” Bhaiyya toh aapka number dedo, kabhi kisi ko bulk me order karna ho, toh mai ye dedungi. Itna toh chalega? Mujhe bhi achha lagega. Aapki photo ke sath mai ye daal dungi..” “Madam mai facebook par nahi hu, but ha ye chalega.” He smiled and that’s the shot I clicked.

Being human is given but keeping humanity is a choice. I have his number and not publishing it here to avoid chaos and blank calls. I would request anybody who stays nearby to order Dabeli from him as a token of appreciation. You can inbox us for the number.

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