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Travelogues : The Wanderlust Diary. This is how Geeti’s solo journey began

Only the Curious have a tale worth telling as they fill their life with adventures. They have stories to tell, not stuff to show

Travelling, it leaves you speechless first and then turns you into a storyteller. This was exactly my Dad! He was a mad traveller who explored, lived and disappeared from destination to destination. His experiences intrigued me. I was allured to unravel the mysteries of places, people, culture and scenics. He was a mad traveller and a easy going trekker. Since a child, I heard his wander stories from places all over India and specially Himalayan tales.


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“Better to see something once than hear only stories about it!” And that was the  moment I gave in to my calling of Wanderlust. My hero gave me an advice : ” If you want to travel, start from your Hometown!” For me Travelling was not about 5 star hotels, comfy flights and hunky dory luggage. I wanted the feel of fresh air, the bumps of a bus, stories of people and best is self introspection. I did not need magic to disappear, a destination was enough to begin. That was my Hometown.

I started​ from Anusuiya Devi temple 7 km trek from my hometown followed by Tungnath which was around 13 km from Mandal & then one by one many surrounding places. My solo trip started from Delhi to Amritsar by BUS it was a very nice trip as well as a horrible one too. It was nice because I was born & brought up in Himalayas & had never seen the plains,  large paddy fields, long straight roads. I found this far easier than pahadi zig-zag road.The horrible thing that happened was that I forgot my bus no. at Ludhiana bus stop & my luggage was inside the bus. 

Wanderlust: A History of Walking

As I got  down at a stop to look around, I got confused between 14-15 busses waiting in the station area, all looking similar to the one I boarded. I ran behind a bus but it was not that one I came along with. It was a moment of panic and I missed a breath or two. I felt like I was a little soul lost in the middle of nowhere. What could I do? What if the my bus leaves before I find it? What am I supposed to do without any luggage, money?

I gathered myself as there was no body else to comfort me. After checking 7 to 8 buses finally I found the my bus. That was a real sigh of relief. I began my journey to get lost in the beauty of a city I had never see, but I could literally have lost in the city I had never seen. But all’s well that ends well.

Finally I reached Amritsar in evening and looked around for a hotel… 
This was the beginning of My Travel Diary!
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