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Part 2 : TransJourney – Didi 9 mahine maa ke pet me rehkehi hum nikle hai! Fir jaise male hai, jaise female hai waise hum kyu nahi?

Recap | Previously on TransJourney | Part 1 : TransJourney, an initiative to understand the third Gender

” Didi aao na. Behen jaise ho aap mere. baitho. Pani du thanda? Kuch cold drink mangau?”

Both of us gave a sigh of relief. One, finally our day was not a waste. Two, they were more than what warm and welcoming could define. We felt the ease, we felt the comfort. We could have a heart to heart conversation.

We had cold water. Her one room house was dainty and pretty with essential things in place. While we were lost in thoughts gazing around she said “Kya chaiye didi? Hum nachte hai, dua denge. Koi function hai kya?”

We : “Nahi, hum actually, waise hume thike se nahi pata hume kya kehna hai, par hum aapko bata sakte hai ki hum kyu aae hai.”

Her : “Ekdum khullese bolo didi. Aap behen jaise ho. Daro mat. Kachha pakka, aap bolo, hum samajh lenge!”

We : “Humko aap logo ke bare me thoda janna tha, ki kaha rehte ho? Kya karte ho? Aapko samajhna chahte hai. Hum soch rahe the jaise hum kaam karte hai, padhte lihkte hai, waisa kuch hum aapke liye kar sake toh?”


Her : “Matlab didi? Dekho humara kya hai, subah hum mangne jate hai, fir kisi ka shadi, bachhe ka function ho toh waha jate hai, nachte gate hai. Usse jo kamai hota hai wahi. Hum 15-20 log rehte hai yaha ek sath. Mai guru hu unki. Wo mere chele. Waise hi pune me bhi hamare guru hai. Unke bhi guru hote hai. Aap kaise family, mummy papa rehte ho, waise hi humari ye family hai. Hum unke bade bujurg hote hai”We: “Fir aap padhe likhe ho kya? Matlab kuch aur kabhi try kia hai kaam wagere?”

Her : “Kya batau aapko. Mere chele logo me koi Engineer hai, badi badi gaadi aati thi unko lene, 75k kamata tha ek mahine ka. Koi hai, koi kuch koi kuch. Kya fayda, ek din office me pata chala ki Kinnar hai, ph karke bole mat aao. Nikal dia. Gharwale, bhai-behen, unke saar sasur, hamare maa baap, yehi humse baat nahi karte. Ek ki behen ke liye rishta aya tha, wo log ladki ki jagah isko pasand kiye. Gharwalo ne bola ki ye toh bhai hai uska. Usi din shaam ko ise ghar se nikal diya. Didi hum ijjat se jine ke liye ladh rahe hai. Sab hote hue koi kaam nahi deta. Kya kare.”

I could slightly just feel the hint of pain in her voice. A lot more happened over the conversation. But what lies the crux of the issue is : the trans community, whether transexual, transgender or transvestite is not seeking to change his or her identity at all. What they are trying for is find a way to present their gender identity in such a way that the rest of the world will understand and accept who they are for what they are!”

We even clicked pictures together and left with a promise of taking this further. We are in touch on whatsapp and she feels good to have friends who talk to her.

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5 thoughts on “Part 2 : TransJourney – Didi 9 mahine maa ke pet me rehkehi hum nikle hai! Fir jaise male hai, jaise female hai waise hum kyu nahi?

  1. I am soo proud that something like this is happening…We all need to broaden our vision and stop being bad to transgender…I mean it isn’t even their fault…And who gives us the right to punish or criticize something which is not a choice but nature’s will…hatts off to you guys…Keep up the good work..

  2. Such a Great job you girls are doing.. Really…😇Proud of you Girls 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻..
    I think there are very less people in our society who knows about there life, it’s really a great initiative where we can know about them and understand their life and help them in the best possible manner.

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