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Part 1 : TransJourney, an initiative to understand the third Gender

Sometimes we really need to remember how blessed we are and what a marvellous support we get from the people around us for those who feel the absence of it will realize the worth of its presence.


We started one fine Friday morning after managing our leaves at office with a purpose in mind. We felt the need to get back to a level of social responsibility we have not seen for a long time. We craved to understand and work for them, with them to help them create a sustainable, respectful living. Yes, people who defy gender norms have existed in every culture throughout time. However, the term “transgender” is relatively new, dating to the mid-1990s. Often, transgender people are not well understood by the general population. This was the dawn of a new initiative we planned to work on.

With the purpose to understand them better we left off to find them and strike a conversation.

Destination one : Pune Station


A vague idea that we had was that they generally ask for money on the platforms and local trains. We found no trace of them on the Pune station platform, boarded a local to lonavala with our second hope to at least spot one of them there. It had been an hr (2 pm ) in the afternoon and we were scanning everybody who entered at any junction simultaneously conversing with people in the train to check on the perception they hold about the Trans community. People were scared of them and also found the two of us : Me and my friend (IT Engineers in an MNC currently based in Pune) weird to have skipped our day job talking around to people about the Kinnar gang and enquiring about their whereabouts.

One Rickshaw wala at Dehu road station informed us “Madam aapko Kasarwadi station par fix milenge. Ya phir Dapodi jao. Waha vasti me wo rehte hai. Thoda sambhal ke. Hum kabhi gae nahi hai par aise logo se na jyada dosti achhi na dushmani!”

We too were unsure as to how would our encounter or conversation go. Would they be scary? Or would they welcome us? Will all of them together answer us? Will they, would they etc…etc…etcetera.

Google maps, local shopkeepers, group of aunties, rickshawalas, group of katta gang guys  guiding us through the lanes and finally we were at the location. They were not home. The local people informed us that they had gone to earn for the day.

It was almost 5 pm by then. We were tired with all the travel, walk and local train struggle but the drowning of enthusiasm was actually from not finding any one of them to sit and talk with.

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We were just at this point when She came out “Didi aap humko dhund rahe the? Ye galli ke bachhe ne bola do didi log dhundte aa rahe hai aapko. Aao na andar!”

All smiles. Read more right below the provided link to know what happened next

Coming Up | Next | Part 2 : TransJourney – Didi 9 mahine maa ke pet me rehkehi hum nikle hai! Fir jaise male hai, jaise female hai waise hum kyu nahi?

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  1. Awesome job revati really appreciate ur indicative towards this
    World should know the equality of every human living here
    Support you all the best

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