Gadget Guys : Glow with the beats

Guys : Beats and Funk is what makes a real combo!

Music is our life and that is why our hearts have beats. Music becomes our best friend when in solitude, music sets your pump and music sets your mood. Music: you can’t touch it, but it can touch you! But yes of course you can see and feel it. Originally covered by Yanko Design,  these glow headphones appeared on Kickstarter way back in 2015 and are now available to buy for consumers who want a headphone that lets them connect with music visually. They look beautiful and use latest light diffusing fiber by Corning.


Glow headphones comes in two colours i.e. red and blue where these wires are designed to diffuse light from a built-in laser. This light pulses in sync with music your are playing and can be customised with the official app on your phone.


The earphones are both compatible with iOS and Android with supported functions as play, pause and volume control. Some versions can also respond to texts and control a few functions on phones like clicking pictures. They are the new smart wearables.

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WolVol In-Ear Headphone Earphones with Microphone, LED Flashing Lights (BLUE) Syncs with the Beats of your Music

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