Energies Answer : E-motion

There is always a story in one’s life which transports a persons very own-self to another place. A place you never belonged to. But at heart you are still the same old you….(LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY)’

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee interrupted her wandering mind! Holding her cup, she walked to the window. Her thoughts were lost in the eternal stare.

His words still hovered in her mind and ears.

A thread is drawn out from a cloth and it slowly unstitches it, the exact way her soul was tearing apart. But all she wanted was his happiness.

Understanding somebody requires you to practice this violent beauty in variety of ways; some require you to familiarize with a world which might seem absurd or vice versa, some may require you to clean your slate to gain a new insight while some require you to awaken the voice within you which colonizes your thoughts. In a nutshell, getting into somebody’s shoes to be a breathless witness to their situation, liking or understanding requires high wire acts of imagination, intellect and intuitiveness. For the love of him she did it.

Tears rolled down her eyes and his.

The only difference being his were that of happiness.

A Father as a part of society won, but as a dad lost.

The question here comes: what is more important? What ‘Char log say’ or what makes your daughter happy?

An easier way to make our way through ambiguity towards a decision is science.

Sounds weird is it?!
Lets go back to our basics:

The Law of Conservation of Energy ❤️

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

We often generalize a notion of a person in our mind based on their characteristics.

He is so surreal, she is a drama queen, that lady always laughs, he is a happy go lucky person, she worries a lot, he fires up quick, she cries a lot.

As a matter of recent events I tried to understand this deep.

To get the gist : I completely believe the energy theory now. All types of emotions or actioned expressions or for that matter any form of art is energy converted from one form to another.

Strokes of brush as an outcome of anger becomes a painting, dance an expression of happiness, song becomes soulful with the touch of the feeling of pain.

When somebody laughs a lot, its either because he has a lot of positive energy inside or lot of sadness. A person cries a lot because either they is too hurt or hold many unexpressed feelings(love, anger, frustration). We need to analyze the situation and know which energies were in motion. Thus art and emotions are energies in motion, converted from one form within to one form outside. The energy thus remains constant(i.e. a part of you within always remains same no matter how you change as a person)
This understanding of energy can help us remove the ambiguity and unwrap the truth and find the correct direction.

Look for the deeper energy(conserved energy) than the outcome or converted form(right or wrong actions)

‘The char log talking today, are superficial momentary sources of negative energy converted to talks, but your daughter’s tears were an outcome of all the love she held.’ You know if a person is right for you or not by the energy within they hold for you. That can never be faked. The converted form can easily lift curtains.

The energy could be converted to happiness if only we identify the true source and the destination.
So if ever your energy wavelengths match and you tally the source, hold on to it!

Never let it go!

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