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Get Summer Ready

Gosh the heat! Oh god you drain me!

With the equinox round the corner, we all need to literally pull our sock and fight it back and this time with more might! Here we bring to you a few must haves for this summer.

“It all begins with you if you do not take care of yourself!”

  1. Sunscreen. 

Now this MUST BE a part of your daily skincare routine. The damaged skin from sun burn peels off. Skin damage starts with exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Most people have experienced sunburn; within a few hours of sun exposure the skin becomes red, itchy, even painful and hot to the touch. I have myself had a permanent mark above my nose. All thanks to a nasty sunburn last summer.

Follow a rigorous sun-care routine. Apply your sunscreen before your make-up. before you leave your house. The best one I suggest is the Seba Med Sun Care Lotion with SPF 50

  • It is a dermatologically tested one.
  • Suitable for sensitive screen
  • Small quantity to be consumed
  • Long lasting
  • Water proof
  • Non – sticky

Try It now -> Seba Med Sun Care Lotion

2. De-Tan Pack

It’s the time of the year when the sun screams aloud : “I make people come out, Tan and go back home. Bad times, Tan Lines!!!”  With the mercury rising we need to up our repair mechanism. Home remedies like rubbing a tomato, applying besan and milk paste, rose water can help and soothe skin big time. Also apply a de-tan once a week. I used to get a De-tan done every time I did a facial. The one used at my regular parlour was a fantastic one. They charged Rs.200/- per sitting. But I found the same one online to fit our budgets. Know more below:

Our suggestion: Raaga Professional De-Tan

  • Soothing
  • Results from 1st use
  • Smaller Pack available
  • Kojic and Milk for a Radiant Skin
  • Professional Parlour product

Try it now -> Raaga Professional De-Tan

3. The Protection Layer : Scarves, gloves, sun-coats

Prevention is always better than cure, as they say. It is very important we take care to pevent the anticipated damage. I would strongly recommend biker gloves – Probiker Leather Motorcycle Gloves (Black, M) and Sun protection transparent ladies socks which are all season friendly. They cover and maintain your skin like magic. 5 star review recommendation.


Check out some trendy scarves and gloves right here to your rescue

4. Do not forget to hydrate and moisturize yourself well.

Water forms 69% of our body composition and sun vaporizes it like a rollercoaster. It is important you carry water and fluids with us always. Read next to know more about always keeping yourself hydrated  : Fitness Series : 1. Benefits of Drinking Water! Happy summer ; Happy Equinox!

Take care – You are important.

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