Thank you Whatsapp!

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Last Month the world went gaga over Whatsapp’s new enhanced status updates which followed the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. It faced a lot of criticism via the social media and other wise with people displaying their disliking for the new feature which followed a huge amount of mocking and funny memes.

So note taken! Whatsapp has learnt through their experimentation that old is gold. They have already begun digging the mines for the gold and text status updates are going to be back.

While the story feature worked well with Snapchat dealing with the Pop generation and to an extent also with Instagram which is well versed with the young old modern and open section of the society, it gained at lot of negative heads turning with the application being popular as a messaging platform for not only the young, but family and friends altogether.

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Whatsapp users hated the update and the company quickly decided to bring back the simple text status updates which was unique and accepted between the masses. Whatsapp has been popular among the masses for its simplicity, easy to use features and a communication platform which is handy for every individual of all age groups.The unrequired complexity around this was uncalled for. While the status tab will not be replaced, the old field to enter a text update (remember ” Hey there! I am using whatsapp”)  is already back in the beta version of the app on Android.While a steady launch is in place, for those of you who miss the old friend badly can try Whatsapp beta2.17.95. It’s just like it used to be.

In last few years. Facebook has drifted a lot from their core mission of connecting the world. It bought Instagram. It bought WhatsApp. That’s been the strategy. Buy off the competition before it becomes too big.

Facebook even went on to engineer an app for ephemeral messaging called Poke. It was soon after Snapchat refused it’s offer. it took 12 days for Facebook to create Poke. As expected, It flopped.

Facebook was at it again. copying Snapchat’s features and shoving them in WhatsApp status. Perhaps they are thinking, that “Already so many people use WhatsApp for messaging. If we also give them what Snapchat provides they will stop using it”.



Let’s get back to the profile setting within your apps and put up the traditional “Busy, Available or maybe just another ‘Hey there!'”
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