With the buzz being around a sudden aura of special treatment and celebrations accompanying exquisite arrangements and motivational speeches all round schools, colleges, institutes, offices followed a conversation between the working ladies on following a particular dress code for the DAY! Yes, International Women’s Day!

We zeroed in wearing PINK!
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The same early evening, I was having a conversation with one of my professors at an all Women’s college. I could sense the efforts and struggle in her tone when she mentioned how she was facing issues with widening the life goals of her students. “They do not aim big. Its like they want to complete the course and get married off. I literally get shocked when I call up my ex-students to catch up and they update me saying they are in either in the United States or some other country. I gain some pride in asking what are they up to there. In my mind I have already started painting pictures of them working with some high tech companies, getting into research projects and performing their best with flying colors. But the worst part that saddens me is they are there unemployed  with their working husband!” Though we did continue the conversation on the lines of where actually does the circle start. But we ended up playing the chicken and the eggs game.

I was a lot disturbed with these two incidents which left my mind wandering from thought to thought trying to connect the dots as to are we really in the right spirit of womanhood!

The above two incidents drew me to two conclusions:

  1. We as Women restrict our own choices.

“Pink for girls and Blue for the Guys!”

All the messages circulating out there were with colors like pink, some flowers and texts like sacrifice and struggle. Why is it that we ourselves take pride in sticking to the stereotypes! Why does gifts have to include flowers, chocolates and teddies for us and watches and ties for the men. Womanhood should be celebrated but not with notions promoting sacrifice, struggle and weakness. We fit in to these taking pride with the idea of being accepted, being valued for these imposed qualities. I believe in equality. Equality on the lines where a man can chose to display his emotional aspect without being mocked up on and a women and be bold and strong enough to wear her opinion on her sleeves.

Why not add all the colors and open up the full spectrum for everybody. (Read Metaphor)

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2. We as parents embed restricted dreams within our children.

“It is we who teach them to live in a particular way!”

Often when we buy clothes for our children, we hunt for florals and frills if her and string bold prints for him. We talk to our sons about taking up responsibility of the family and to our daughters about managing their household skills with education. We wait for our son to settle and we tell our daughter, “Oh what’s the problem ? He is well settled!”

These minute statements and many more flavored behaviors result into a narrow vision of our talented women folk who otherwise could have been capable of a lot more. But we restrict their horizons under the banner of society accepted norms of parenthood.

The only point here is that there is nothing wrong with being anything in life, the only thing we ask for is freedom to choose, an open spectrum of available choices and not stereotype roads. Let the pallet of all available shades  be open for everyone.

Let each paint their own life and carve their own path!

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