Once, Forever!

Untitled“Mumma please don’t pack my lunch today.”

“Don’t tell me you have started with your diet thing again. Remember what…”

“Ssshh..Remember I have to meet him today!” she rolled her eyes. “You and pappa forced me to meet this lakhon me ek, well settled guy. He says before our families meet, lets catch up for a lunch or maybe dinner”
Mommy dear half smiled. It was a bitter – sweet moment for her. After all her daughter was willingly into getting settled but soon she would miss her dancing around the house.
As any mother would, she waited for these moments since years ago, since the day her angel was born.
She just smiled; it was a ‘Dear Diary’ moment for her and gave her daughter a hug conveying an all the best.
He was all geared up and full of anxiety. The white orchids in place and oh yes, formal wear just as she mentioned. There was something different in this girl he knew since the day they started chatting via the matrimonial app.
There she came. Their eyes met and he envisioned sunshine. That radiant smile gave vibes full of life and passion. He felt connected. Just like he thought, she was different.

The date began and their entangled thoughts were making way through awkward conversations trying to keep up the pace and make each other feel comfortable. It was fun in a way where awkwardness met anxiety to create the spark.

As time flew by, laughter replaced hesitancy. One thought passed by him several times. She is so..charismatic, I am just attracted to her in a way I never was to anybody. How anybody could would have missed on her. Wandering in his thoughts he suddenly asked the taboo question “Are you a….?”

She could see the regret on his face the moment those words had slipped his mouth. Down she went the memory lane. ‘It’s crazy how everything had changed since a year ago. The memories you won’t forget and the moments you wish you could hold on to. Everything! How beautifully Fragile was she for all the things she could happily face for one thing altered who she was. Forever!

She could never explain what she saw in him. It’s just the way that made her feel something nobody else could, every little thing that added up and brought them to something wonderful. They did not have to think, it come naturally. A life she was proud of.’
One deep breath…’Heart break was never wonderful, no quotes/poetry, sad songs and rain. It’s breaking down amidst people, getting lost in groups, choking on memories of their presence.’
She had gathered herself up as she definitely was ready to get settled and have a life and a partner. Physically she was ready to give in to any damn person alive. But at her heart and soul she had LOST IT ONCE. She put her heart into it. Their souls had touched the epitome of love.
Virginity is at heart to be true. It can be lost by a thought. Our body is just a vessel which supports the vital functions and parts of a body. It is the carrier, the medium. You are what your heart and soul is, how they transcend to your brain. She no more cared about the upper superficial shell as for all the hands that touched her, her heart remained a virgin.
With all these thoughts gushing in a fraction of seconds, a true answer she gave with a mystic smile “LOST ONLY ONCE! FOREVER!”

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